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Upgrade and Unclutter
We've upgraded for a better, uncluttered experience.
To celebrate, we're offering new, upgraded Slimmys:
the X wwSlimmy and the wwSlimmy in Antique Leather.
We've also added brand new products to help you unclutter in the coming year:
KeyDisk, Field Notes, and Bolstr.
X wwSlimmy Thin Int'l Wallet
1 Pocket, 2 Slots
A minimal wallet made for bigger bank notes without unneeded bulk. Available in Coloma Oil Tanned Leather
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wwSlimmy in Antique Leather
3 Pockets
The slimmest world wallet, with an international flair, now available in luxurious Coloma Antique Leather.
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The KeyDisk is designed to provide optimal durability and a minimal frame.
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Field Notes
Clear your mind and pencil it down in something that is delightful, durable and handy.
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Small carry combining futuristic design, minimalism, and maximum functionality.
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We have been up to a lot in the last year (actually it has been two years in the making); change is in the air. has been completely redesigned on a new platform and we are being true to our ethos around uncluttering and untethering. We pared things down to the essence of what inspires us to keep what we carry and wear and use, fluid, simple, yet tastefully uncompromising. We hope you like the new site design and look forward to bringing you more...

Whats new? For one thing, the Bolstr Small Carry bag was 1777% funded on Kickstarter and is legit. There are a lot of men out there who do not want to lug around an oversized laptop bag, strap on a fanny pack, or carry some funky man purse, and Bolstr really struck a cord with those looking for the perfect every day carry bag and the media [link to Koyono press] for that matter. We are busy shipping thousands of Kickstarter related and interest is so strong that we will not be delivering anymore until the middle of January. If you want to simplify your everyday carry you may want to reserve one now.

"David Gallagher, a spokesman for Kickstarter, which hit $1 billion in pledges in March, said Yoo's campaign kickoff sounds like a sign that he's on to something good."

We are pleased to announce two new Slimmy Coloma wallets: X wwSlimmy in Oil Tanned Leather and wwSimmy in Antique Leather. Upgrade our pocket carry with the finest in slim wallets. There are a lot of wallets out there that claim to be “slim," but none offer the same, no-folds ease as the Slimmy.

Last but not least are a few more accessories to help you unclutter space and mind. Introducing Field Notes and KeyDisk. Never forget a thought and make more room in your pocket by uncluttering your keys.

Thank you for your support!

Jay Yoo

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